Love hot sauce?

Check your recent purchases.  If the ingredient list includes hot sauce (cayenne pepper, vinegar, and spices), you probably got charged too much!  Most likely they used a well known hot sauce for their hot sauce.  You might be buying a spiced up bottle of "gourmet" hot sauce for 3 times the amount of it's worth! 

Just sayin...

backstrap molasses Picture.jpg

What is a Glaze?

The most asked question of a hot sauce customer, "what do I use this on?"  So how do you use a glaze?  It is typically brushed or dripped on the meat at the end of the cooking process.  Brushing on a glaze during cooking gives the meat a coating, which is cooked on by the heat.  After glazing one side, turn the meat over and glaze the other side for an even flavor.

Blasamic Glaze.jpg