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Smokejumper Hot Sauce

Offering sweet and savory creations since 2012

-   ABOUT US  -



I started this venture desiring a unique, great tasting hot sauce.  A hot sauce that would add flavor to my food.  A sauce that would be liked by many people and applied to various foods.  My aim is to provide hot sauces, BBQ sauces, and Glazes that are unique and something that could be used daily, on whatever food that you want to.

I live in a unique place, Lancaster County, Pa.  I can drive 10 miles and pick up the ingredients I need to manufacture my batches of sauces.  Lancaster County, Pa is not known for spicy food, but I can find my spicy ingredients at various places in this unique and awesome county.  Many farms have a long history for growing fruits, vegetables and honey.  It is no different for the peppers and other ingredients I use in my sauces.  I feel uniquely privileged to be able to buy from these hard working people and support their businesses and to make my gourmet sauces from the ingredients I buy in Lancaster County, Pa. 

Doug Benne, Owner, Doug Benne's Gourmet

Smokejumper Hot Sauce 

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