A Sweet n Spicy Destination - Started In Lancaster County, Pa.

Lancaster County is well known for Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking, smorgasbords, farmer's markets and small farm stands.  The flavors have been encompassed by sweet treats, the best sweet corn, and sweet potato and egg salad.  Sweetness abounds in all the longstanding family recipes, markets and restaurants.  So, when I started making hot sauces, I started out wanting a flavorful, unique product.  The blend of sweet and heat was purposeful.  The balance of the sweet and the heat creates a sweetness that smolders in taste.  This county abounds with the ingredients I use to make my sauces, even the hot peppers.  I have no problem finding honey, molasses, brown sugar and pineapple anywhere in PA Dutch Country!  

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Balsamic Habanero Glaze triplicity

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Garlic Ghost BBQ Sauce

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Sweet Honey Sriracha Sauce

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